• GLO-K is a potassium rich fertilizer developed for use during fruit development with the aim of increasing the market value of crops.
  • GLO-K rapidly increases the concentration of sugar in the fruit, as well as improving the size and color of the fruit.
  • GLO-K ensures sufficient supply of nitrogen required for the production of carbohydrates which are later transported to fruits and other storage organs;
  • GLO-K maintains the water balance of the crop during fruit development to ensure optimal plant activity by preventing water stress during this critical stage of crop development




    Type of Crop Foliar application Root application
    Horticultural crop and Field Crops 150 – 250 cc/ 100L 300-350 cc/ decares
    Woody crops and Fruit trees 300 – 350 cc/ 100L 400-450 cc / decares



    Total Nitrogen

    3% w/w

    Total Potassium

    30% w/w