• GLOAMINO is an organic matter concentrate enriched with free amino acids from plant origin
  • GLOAMINO Improves mineralization of soil nutrients for easy absorption by the plant root
  • GLOAMINO Promotes a fertile rhizosphere suitable for growth and development of beneficial microorganism and improve the good activities of these microorganism to improve crop yield
  • GLOAMINO Improves the ability of the soil to hold on to fertilizers applied to the soil and prevent leaching
  • GLOAMINO Promotes effective development of the plant during rooting, vegetative growth, flowering and fruit development
  • GLOAMINO Helps the plant to effectively respond to and overcome unfavorable stress conditions such as extreme temperatures, drought, salinity, during every stage of the plant development.
  • GLOAMINO Stimulates the plant to produce natural growth regulators, enzymes and vitamins which boosts crop productivity and increase quality of harvest.
  • GLOAMINO Promotes the production of carbohydrates, proteins, and oils in the fruit/seed which increases the market value of the crop.


Organic matter             45% w/w

Free Amino Acids         22% w/w

Organic Carbon            21% w/w

Organic Nitrogen           3% w/w

Total Potassium            4% w/w


C/N ratio            7

PH: 4,5-6,5

Application rates:

Type of Crop Foliar application
Horticultural crop and vegetable 100-150cc/100L
Industrial and Field crops 100 – 150cc/100L
Woody crops and Fruit trees 100 cc/100L


Dimensions 10 × 5 × 7 cm