• GLOCALMAG is a specialty liquid fertilizer containing a balanced mix of calcium, magnesium, and nitrogen necessary for effective growth and development, and for strengthening the plant against external environment stress.
  • GLOCALMAG Promotes rapid assimilation and utilization of the nutrients
  • GLOCALMAG Strengthens the plant cell wall and helps to make the plant stronger to withstand stress conditions such as cold, heat, drought, salinity etc.
  • GLOCALMAG Increases the concentration of chlorophyll in the leaves which promotes greenery and increases the quantity of Carbohydrate produced.
  • GLOCALMAG maintains the integrity of the chlorophyll molecules in the plant because magnesium is at the center of all chlorophyll molecules holding them in place to prevent chlorophyll degradation.
  • GLOCALMAG Promotes cell division process of the plant which gives the plant strength and vigor
  • GLOCALMAG Promotes the production of amino acids that regulate and control plant growth and developments.
  • GLOCALMAG Prevents yellowing of the plant and stunted growth due to lack of chlorophyll and energy.


Water soluble Calcium          10% w/w

Water soluble Magnesium     5% w/w

Total Nitrogen                       15% w/w

Application rates:

Type of Crop Foliar application Root application
Horticultural crop and vegetable 100 – 150cc/100L 1 – 2L/decares
Industrial and Field crops 100  – 150cc/100L 1 – 2L/decares
Woody crops and Fruit trees 100 – 150cc/100L 1 – 2L/decares


Dimensions 10 × 5 × 7 cm