• GLOFLOW is a biostimulant specifically designed to stimulate the induction and development of quality flower set.
    • GLOFLOW activates multiple metabolic systems that accelerates the natural production of hormones and metabolites responsible for initiating quality flowering.
    • GLOFLOW increases the energy level of the plant to guarantee the retention of high quality flowers and increase the number of fruits.
    • GLOFLOW enhances the fertility of the flowers and supplies the nutritional requirement for the growth and development of pollen tube.
    • GLOFLOW is enriched with free amino acids, vitamins and bioactive compounds that increase plant resistance against environmental stress conditions during the critical stage of flowering.
    • GLOFLOW accelerates the recovery of plant from biotic and abiotic stress and minimizes their impact of the productivity of the crop.


    Zinc (Zn) Soluble in water 2% w/w

    Application rates:

    Type of Crop Foliar application
    Horticultural, Vegetables and Field crops 50 – 75cc/100L
    Woody crops and Fruit trees 50 – 75cc/100L


Dimensions 10 × 5 × 7 cm