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  • GLOLIK is a NPK 8,7-0-25 fertilizer enriched with organic matter specially developed for improving fruit growth and development.
  • GLOLIK activates several plant enzymes which have important roles during production of sugar, proteins and vitamins. It increases the taste and color and size of crops.
  • GLOLIK speeds up the rate of cell division during fruit fattening as well as increasing the concentration of sugar. which increase the the market of value of the crop.
  • GLOLIK improves the ability of the soil to hold and supply essential plant nutrients and fertilizers applied to the soil and increasing the use of the nutrients by the plant
  • GLOLIK also improves the water holding capacity of the soil. It also improves the biological and physical properties of the soil which significantly improve crop performance.


Organic Matter                 25% w/w

Total Nitrogen                   8,7% w/w

Organic Nitrogen              0,7% w/w

Total Potassium              25% w/w

pH: 3-4

Application rates:

Type of Crop Foliar application Root application
Horticultural crop and Field Crops 150 – 200 cc/ 100L 500-750 cc/ decares
Woody crops and Fruit trees 200 – 250 cc/ 100L 1L / decares


Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 7 cm