• GLOPHOS-ZN is a liquid solution of concentrated phosphorus enriched with Nitrogen and water soluble zinc in a balanced proportion.
  • GLOPHOS-ZN Initiates root growth and promoting active cell division in root during the early stages of plant development.
  • GLOPHOS-ZN Generates the energy required for rapid activation and promotion of active cell division during rooting and vegetative stage.
  • GLOPHOS-ZN Activates the production of natural enzymes and amino acids which promotes plant development even under stress conditions such as heat, cold, drought, etc.
  • GLOPHOS-ZN Increases the concentration of chlorophyll in the plant which has direct impact in promoting photosynthesis.
  • GLOPHOS-ZN Promotes vigorous plant development during vegetative stage of the plant


Total Nitrogen                    5% w/w

Urea Nitrogen                    5% w/w

Total Phosphorus              25% w/w

Water Soluble Zinc(Zn)      5% w/w

Application rates:

Type of Crop Foliar application Root application
Horticultural crop and vegetable 100 – 150cc/100L 1 – 1,5L/decares
Industrial and Field crops 75-100cc/100L 1 – 1,5L/decares
Woody crops and Fruit trees 100 – 150cc/100L 1 – 1,5L/decares




Dimensions 10 × 5 × 7 cm