• GLOSTOP is a plant growth regulator enriched with mineral nutrients and vitamins
  • GLOSTOP enhances the hormonal balance of the plant at different stages of the plant development
  • GLOSTOP improves the thickness of the plant stem and optimizes the length of the nodes and internodes.
  • GLOSTOP increases the canopy size and increases the leaf area of plant which favours photosynthesis
  • GLOSTOP increases plant resistance to environmental stress conditions and accelerates the recovery of plant from stressing conditions.
  • GLOSTOP increases plant vigour and overall performance during vegetative development and pre-flowering



Zinc (Zn) Soluble in water 2% w/w

Application rates:

Type of Crop Root application
Horticultural, vegetables, and Field crops 100 – 250cc/ decares
Woody crops and Fruit trees 100 – 250cc/decares


Dimensions 10 × 5 × 7 cm