• GLOSULPHO is a special product for addressing salinity problems and improve nutrient uptake during crop development.
    • GLOSULPHO helps to acidify the soil and release harmful salts from the soil which are removed through leaching.
    • In addition to controlling Soil salinity, GLOSULPHO increases the concentration of chlorophyll, amino acids, and proteins in the plant.
    • GLOSULPHO increases the production of protein which improves the quality of the harvest. It also increases the oil concentration in seeds of oil crops, and promotes activation of enzymes and many biochemical activities.
    • GLOSULPHO enhances the production of sugars in the plant and also promotes cell division and growth of the plant.
    • GLOSULPHO therefore improves the quality and market value of the crops even under unfavorable salinity condition.COMPOSITION

      Total Nitrogen     18% w/w

      Urea Nitrogen      18% w/w

      Sulphur Trioxide   20% w/w


Application rates:

Type of Crop Root application Additional Recommendations
Horticultural crop and vegetables 1 – 2L/decares Can’t be mixed with other fertilizers, especially Urea productions
Woody crops and Fruit trees 1 – 2L/decares


Dimensions 10 × 5 × 7 cm