• MARZINC is a fully water soluble mix of Zinc and Boron chelated by EDTA to effectively prevent or correct the lack of these nutrients in plants during period of high demand.
  • MARZINC activates of enzymes to produce natural plant regulators which controls the vegetative development of plants and maximizes crop productivity.
  • MARZINC promotes the development of new vegetative and reproductive buds and leaves
  • MARZINC improves the quality of flowers, increase flower fertilization and fruit sets
  • MARZINC improves the mobilization and transportation of carbohydrates in the plant. It prevents important diseases associated with boron deficiency such as hollow heart disease in potato and cucumber
  • MARZINC is chelated by EDTA to ensure its maximum availability to the plant and effective use by plant even under unfavorable soil and water conditions such as high pH.



Water soluble Zinc (Zn) chelated by EDTA             12% w/w

Water soluble Boron (B)                                          6% w/w

Application rates:

Type of Crop Foliar application Root application
Horticultural crop and vegetable 75-100gr/100L 500gr – 800gr/decares
Industrial and Field crops 75-100gr/100L 500 – 800gr/decares
Woody crops and Fruit trees 75-100gr/100L 500 – 800gr/decares


Dimensions 10 × 5 × 7 cm